Local 254 @ Queen’s

This web site welcomes all of Queen’s University’s Unionized Employee Groups.

This site is being used primarily to provide contact and other information for our local. Local 254 represents Technical and Lab Support Technicians.


Good people needed to support a good Union.  It’s your Union.  Let’s look after it.

Many of your current union executive are approaching retirement or poised for moving on and we are in need of some new support within our local executive.
Educational opportunities and new experiences are yours for the taking.  Good unions like yours have been established by the hands of many in the past and should definitely not be taken for granted.

If you enjoy your current benefits and want to support keeping them, get involved!

Elections are being held this Tuesday Nov. 12 at our General Meeting, 12pm – 1pm in Bio Sciences 1102.

Step up and fill an executive position!